There are no words….

Violence has no place here.

This week I was going to post about my 10 Mile race in Lemont, but after Monday’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon, it just doesn’t matter.  I’m numb, I’m speechless, I’m angry.  I feel violated. I feel like our innocence has been once again stripped from us.  I want to help but there isn’t much I can say or do that will bring back those who died and those who are hurting.

Prior to Monday, I was focused on the Chicago Marathon and my main goal. In August I turn 40 and over the last five years I had a bucket list goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon by the time I’m 40. I had dreams of having my family present as I went all out and hopefully accomplished by goal. But now, after Monday’s events, I have second thoughts.  I will run Chicago. I will train hard to try and BQ. But, until further notice I’m unsure if I’ll ask my family to attend.

The Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11 and the growing violence in our society have changed things.  Monday’s event will certainly lead to major changes in safety and security not only at large road races like the Chicago Marathon but also mid-size races near iconic landmarks such as Soldier Field and the Rock and Roll Series. A conversation is already brewing on safety and security. I am sure race directors are working on ways to secure their events. I’m sure Runners are doing their due diligence and working with their racing associations to find ways of improving not only the race experience but addressing safety concerns.

For now my thoughts are with a father who lost his beautiful son and his family as they recover from critical injuries. My thoughts are with the families of the other two victims who were killed and those injured.  Boston will be fine, history and our actions after Monday’s violent act have shown the world how resilient we are.

I apologize for not finding the right words. Honestly I don’t have any. I just have a lot of mixed up emotions.