We Come Running

A celebration of #Runnerds preparing or completing Fall Marathons in 2014.


Runners and Cyclist Unite for a Fellow Athlete


When #furtherfasterforever co-founder Aaron Edge started having pain in his hands he knew that something was wrong. A few days ago Aaron was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and is uninsured. We are selling this limited edition t-shirt to help with his medical bills. Also check out Aaron’s story on our blog. Make sure to hit the like button on @runemz instagram photo she just posted (she is going to donate .44 cents for each like and run 1 mile for every 44 likes in Aaron’s honor.) Make sure to give some love to @man_of_multnomahhe has had a pretty rough 24 hours.


Head over to RunEmz Instagram Page and like her Photo. The Challenge Starts now and ends tonight at 9:44pm EST. Tomorrow: EMZ will run in miles divided by 44 for every like she gets on this photo. Chris, @mcg_christopher will bike in miles X4 for every like.

Athletes  UNITE!!!!