You’re Not that Great… Confessions of a Runner

Last week I took some time off from my intense physical training and used the down time to attend the Illinois Society of Human Resource Management (ILSHRM) Conference. The time off not only gave me break and a chance to heal, but it also allowed me to sharpen my HR skills. The key thing I learned during the conference came on day one during Dr. Dan Crosby’s keynote address.  In basically four words he hit the nail on the head and validated my crazy journey towards the Chicago Marathon.

You’re Not That Great….

The brain and physiology is set up to live not a great life but a safe life.  Do I want my life to be great or do I want my life to be not bad?

Greatness is not guaranteed and if everything we did was great…then nothing is great.  When we push ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally towards greatness we embark on a journey of not only self-discovery but the affirmation that with hard work, determination and a little craziness anything is possible.

I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Crosby’s book You’re Not that Great


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