Summer Vacation and Some Soul Searching

Hi everyone…I’m back from my social media vacation… 🙂

Social Media Vacation? Yes, yes I took a break from a few social media platforms. I was burnt out from blogging, vlogging and everyday life. I just needed a break and wanted to concentrate on other things.

During this break I did some soul searching about my life and its direction, Chicago Marathon goals and future aspirations.I didn’t realize how big the summer of 2013 was going to be, but man has it been eye opening.

Enclosed is a quick walk through of my summer vacation:

Let’s start with some quick milestones… Milestone 1 of 4, completed 10 years with my employer. That’s a long time. Milestone 2 of 4..the big Birthday is almost around the corner. More to come on that and milestones 3 & 4 in a future post.

Switching gears…how about Swim, Bike, Run? Had a good time learning a new sport.


WaterFall Glen Extreme 10 Miler. Finished 89th under some tough conditions. Wow a top 100!!!


Ended up in the ER for A Trapizius Muscle and Cervical Neck Spasm/Sprain. I received some great care and amazing drugs.


Moment of truth…do I stop or do I run? I’m choosing to finish what I started. After some tough soul searching and back and forth questioning of the marathon. I realized I was just adding to much pressure and stress. I’ve been able to break things down and simplify my life.


I have the will but my confidence has been low. Picture 1. is a special bracelet that was made for yousr truly. Orange, blue and white represent the Chicago Marathon. The white symbolizing the finish line. The red, black and white bracelet represents my racing colors. Picture 2 is a quick workout a week after getting the medical ok to train. Tired..but confidence was at a all time high. Can I say Speedy!!!


Work, and more work.


Some 3 Run 2 Motivation


How do you keep hydrated? #RepYourFridge


Moment of truth. My first 20 miler. Legs had taken a beating up to this point, but the positive mojo is flowing. As part of my recovery I’m doing hot yoga.


On days that I’m feeling blah. I run like shit. I have no positive momentum and feel heavy and out of it. On this particular day, I was feeling tired and just didn’t feel like running. But Chicago waits for no one.

So much for feeling tired…I had to fight the urge to run faster. At the end of my runs I’m dropping the hammer. My focus for Chicago is the last I end all my runs on a fast surge. Sub 7 minute mile. Yeah buddy!!!


Some are questioning my training methods, weekly mileage and overall obsession with the marathon. I’ve taken a lot of those comments to heart and thought about my response. My simple response..I don’t owe you an explanation. I have a particular goal that I want to accomplish and in order to achieve this goal I have to train as hard as I can while tackling my mental confidence. I’m doing this for myself and no one else. As long as I can look myself in the mirror and know I gave it my all and left nothing on the course …then I’m at peace.

9 weeks left…… scary and exciting.



One thought on “Summer Vacation and Some Soul Searching

  1. I love this! “I don’t owe you an explanation…..I’m doing this for myself and no one else.”
    AWESOME! Stay low, keep moving……I believe in you… ROCK, Cortes!

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