TOUGHER THAN 6.2..It’s Our Turn

Dear Athletes:

I wanted to take a moment and share the following event with you. The Tougher than 6.2 fun Run/Fundraising event is being organized by two amazing Chicagoland Elite Athletes (Molly Akers and Samantha Kirkham). The following is a description of the event and why you should considering lacing them up this Saturday.

“On Monday, April 15, 2013 the world witnessed lives forever being changed as a result of the horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon Finish Line. Martin Richard, 8 years old, was at the finish line that day with his father, mother and sister cheering the runners as the explosions went off taking his life and gravely injuring his mother and sister.   We need to help them and let them know we are their Crowd Support!  Cheering them on to keep  going exactly the same way The Martin Family was doing for #Runnerds at the Boston Marathon.

As a symbol of our support, we created “Tougher Than 6.2” fun run/fundraiser inviting individuals of all abilities to join us and clock-in some miles for The Richard Family on Saturday, April 27th at The Prairie Path in Elmhurst, IL (where it intersects at Spring Rd.) at 7:30AM. In addition, 100% of the funds raised will go directly to The Richard’s Family Fund, a fund created by the Richard’s Family representatives to help with medical expenses.


Why 6.2? Well, no matter how well we’ve trained, the last 6.2 miles of the marathon is the toughest. It’s the point where our bodies fatigue and runners have to tap into a different part of our mind in order to find a way to keep going and find a way to finish. The last 6.2 miles of a marathon is also where the marathon crowds double and triple and people cheer on the runners to keep them going.  This amazing collection of crowd support and an absolutely vital element of the marathon is not only awe striking but symbolic of how working together towards a common goal can make the difference in obtaining our Finish Line Glory.

Please RSVP with number attending to run on Saturday, April 27th on our Face Book Group Page or contact the Tougher Than 6.2 Organizers: Ms. Molly Akers: or Ms. Samantha Kirkham: .

This event is open to all athletes regardless of your abilities. Kids are welcomed to attend. Please make sure to inform the event organizers so they can properly accommodate you with snacks and water.

Lace up and spread the word and always run from the heart.”


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