A Runner’s Heart is Boston Strong

Runnerds from around the world continue their efforts to Unite as 1 for the City of Boston, those who were killed and injured during Monday’s tragic events.  Across the United States we lace up our shoes and we run.

Please consider joining our #BostonStrongChicago Run on Friday, April 19th.  Enclosed please find details on the event. We plan to run at least three miles in honor of those who died, who are injured, and/or didn’t get a chance to finish their run.

“This friday, April 19, 2013,  we run. Not only because we love it, for our health, or because it is fun. Today we run to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon on 4/15/2013. We run to honor The responder who did such a great job taking care of those in need. The runner who saw no finish line but had compassion to save the lives of the fallen. We run for the many dreams that were destroyed that day. Today we run for those who can’t.

Calling everyone to come join us in this gathering to remember the tragedy that recently occurred. You don’t have to be a runner, you don’t have to be fast. The running community is full of compassionate, inspiring, and encouraging individuals. We all felt the impact of what occurred to some extent. So come out and join us as we unite, too remember.

If you are feeling generous, You can help out the victims by donating to The One Fund. Local companies have already invested over a million to the cause.

The One Fund

If everyone could wear something blue or gold/yellow that would be great! Thanks everyone for showing your support!”

Please visit our Face Book event page for full details and to RSVP.


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