Winter, Snowstorm and the RunEmz Club

It’s March and can you believe another snowstorm has hit Chicago. Ugh I’m so done with winter, snowstorms and this roller coaster weather.   But until spring and better weather arrive, here’s an update from my last blog, Lacking Motivation?  So far the F3 Badge Challenge is off to a great start.  I’m on target with some great quality workouts.  I’m also testing a new shoe. Sorry folks I’m not able to discuss details of the new shoe but hopefully I will get a chance in a future post.  To date I’ve earned 15 out of 70 F3 Badges and  I still have my eye on a couple more before the end of the F3 Challenge on March 17th.

My main goal was to earn the RunEmz 10+ mile treadmill badge and step outside my regular running/training routine.  Breaking News: I’m now a member of Team RunEmz. Woot!


Heading into this challenge I created an easy and simple strategy.  Prepare as if I’m running a half marathon. I had a set time goal, key music and proper hydration.  The only unknown was how I would feel after running 7 miles, which is the longest I’ve ever run on the treadmill. Honestly I felt really good. I felt myself getting stronger and having to fight back the urge to speed up.  That’s not to say that I didn’t encounter moments of boredom, but they didn’t last long.  At one point I almost flirted with going longer and knocking out 13.1 miles. But given my foot injury and the fact that neither the mileage nor the time was part of the plan I stuck to the original plan.

For those of you, who are not familiar with RunEmz via Twitter and Facebook, allow me to give you a brief bio:

Emily Eliason, AKA RunEmz is an Ultra runner who has put up some incredible mileage over the years. In the month of January 2013 Emily logged 350 miles.  The majority of those miles were logged on her treadmill. Yep you read that right…she ran the majority of her miles on the treadmill. Emily is a serious runner who ran in Boston in 2011, has completed a couple of ultras and ran a 24-hour treadmill run where she accumulated 100+ miles.  What an amazing accomplishment!

If you are looking for inspiration coupled with a down to earth person I highly recommend you Follow RunEmz.

Thanks Emily, for keeping it real and fun. 🙂

How are you guys surviving the winter blues?



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