Lacking Motivation? Then Challenge yourself…is it in you?

I hear a lot of people complaining about not being motivated. Everywhere you go, you see people trying to get motivated to do something.  Trying to make a change.  Trying to get on the right track.  People will read motivational books and/or attend conferences or tweetups and come away feeling “Motivated.” But motivation is fleeting.  The answer to dealing with  motivational blues is having Discipline.

For me Discipline is Consistent, Habitual and Rare.  Discipline is hard work.  It takes planning and patience to achieve short, medium and long term goals.  It’s something that we have to consistently work at and with this consistent dedication we are able to see the fruit of our labor.

To avoid motivation blues I find fun ways that challenge my competitive spirt. Things that allow me to me to create a plan for short, medium and long term goals. For example, in March I’m joining the Further Faster Forever Badge Challenge sponsored by Road ID. The Further Faster Forever Badge Challenge combines social media with your everyday fitness routines.

This is how it works:  The Challenge runs between March 1-17th. There are a number of badges that can be earned for a single fitness achievement or in combination with another challenge.  For example you can earn the Run EMZ Badge by running 10+ miles on a treadmill. Once you complete the challenge, email, tweet or post your achievement on the various F3 social media platforms.  Then upload your badge onto your face book, Tweet and/or blog and brag about your accomplishment(s). The Challenge is about pushing yourself to the next level, so pick a badge or five and get after it. Plus those who earn the most badges are eligible for some cool prizes.  Be sure to check out the F3 website for all the rules, instructions, and prize info.


So are you feeling motivated? Well show me…stop making excuses and start taking action.  Check out the Further Faster Forever Badge Challenge sponsored by Road ID and make your work out count.

I’m eyeing a few about you? Drop me a note and let me know which badges your aiming for.


2 thoughts on “Lacking Motivation? Then Challenge yourself…is it in you?

  1. Abe – Thanks for posting this! You rock. And FYI we have added Patagonia as a sponsor and the contest is going to be extended through March 17 (too many great marathons happening that weekend, we wanted to help people out a bit) and we are adding about 6-8 more badges later today!

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